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South Central Railway presents Best quality civil contractor award to Bhagavan. Tirumani

April 21, 2012 [6:30 AM]

It is a proud and memorable moment to Saranya Sri Construction Private Limited that Diesel Loco Sheds and Railway Institute Diesel Colony, Kazipet respected the Managing Director Bhagavan. Tirumani by presenting best civil contractor award.

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd worked to South Central Railway, Kazipeta division for renovating the Railway station including other work and also developing the diesel colony. We renovated the Kazipeta Railway station, also done platform and track repairs and developed the greenery around it dedicatedly. The higher officials of South Central Railway inspected the quality work and appreciated for maintaining the quality standards.

We also worked in developing the diesel colony, constructed community hall, Library, GYM, Internal Roads and renovated the quarters and hospitals. We showed special interest in developing healthy environment in Diesel Colony with Garden and Children Parks. We received appreciations from Diesel colony people.

South Central Railway has decided to respect us by giving best civil contractor award to encourage us. Today, it has taken place the community hall which we constructed for them. Nageshwar Rao, Sr. DME and K. Punna Rao, Secretary were attended to this award presentation as honorable guests. Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd thanked to South Central Railway including honorable guest and employees who have attended to this award presentation.

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