Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Why S.K.C Pvt. Ltd?

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd is a most successful popular reliable construction company in India. We have done several private and public sector construction and maintenance projects in Andhra Pradesh and also in other states of India. We offered services to Individuals, private sector organizations and also to both State and Central Govt. of India. Here are some reasons to know how Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd become one of the best construction companies in India.

Quality Maintenance

Maintaining quality construction standards during your project is our fundamental rule and we never compromise in quality maintenance in any case to guarantee longer life span to all our constructions. Thus, we receive appreciations and recognized by our customers as a reliable construction company in India.

Value to Investment

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd always try to save your investment. With the help of our experience and expertise in construction field, we prepare perfect master work plan and it helps us to control the wastage. Similarly, we strictly work to minimize the wastage to zero to protect your investment.


We prepare a masterplan to design the work process for obtaining the best result in every project that we commit. Our most experienced engineers and technicians involve in preparing it carefully to have a complete knowledge about financial estimation, material, manpower, work plan, methods of controlling waste, time for completion and etc.


We accept every project by preparing perfect financial estimation according to clear work plan and only expect less profit on every project. We strict to our commitment even we get loss in some unforeseen situations, ready to bear the loss and never compel or create problem to you to increase your budget for the project.

Experience & Expertise

16 years’ experience and expertise in constructing various types of construction projects of range small to bigger in various parts of India. We proved as a successful construction company and always ahead in technical upgradation. We also ahead in accepting challenges with special solutions for every construction project.


A team of skilled and dedicatedly working most experienced professionals is strength of our company. Their sincerity, discipline, perfection, and serious commitment with mutual cooperation and respect support us to handle and complete any type of project successfully.


Our supervising team and Managing Director directly, strictly and continuously observe the work process on daily basis from starting to completion to avoid the mistakes and also to take necessary steps immediately to rectify the issues in some very rare cases. We do not hesitate to take any action on those who are irresponsible at work.

Intime Completion

16 years’ experience with expertise in construction and complete awareness on project execution according to the masterplan help us to complete your project of any range on or before the completion date.

Clean Track Record

Accomplishing a good name in this industry and protecting it forever is our ultimate goal of our business. It doesn’t matter how much we earn on your project but it matters how much you are satisfied with our quality service.

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