Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd

What we do?

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd converts the mixture of concrete and steel into stronger quality constructions. We construct small to bigger constructions, play a role in India development and also offer other maintenance services.
We build stronger buildings for all your needs.
Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd is an expert in constructing small to bigger long life stronger buildings with safety parameters and quality standards to fulfil all your requirements.
Individual Houses
Villas & Farmhouses
Schools and Colleges
All kinds of Prayer Houses
Shopping Centres
Movie Theatres
Play Grounds
Storage Godowns
We serve to you and those who work in Central Railway of India.
Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd offers service to different zones of Central Railway of India to develop infrastructure, construct and maintain railway stations most beautiful to make your journey happily and also to make lives of those who work for Central Railway enjoyable.
  • Railway Stations Constructions, Maintenance & Renovation
  • Platforms Construction, Repairs & Renovation
  • Cabin Rooms Construction, Repairs and Renovation
  • Rail Bridges Construction and Repairs
  • Track work
  • Earth work
  • Construction of Returning Walls
  • Jungle Clearance
  • Railway Quarters Construction and Renovation
  • Greenery development
  • Railway Colonies development
  • Construction of Connecting Blacktop Roads
  • Construction of Internal Roads in Railway colonies
  • CC Drainages
  • CC Roads
  • Water Tanks
  • Children Parks Development
We also serve you through various state Govt. of India.
Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd also offers service to all departments of different state Governments of India to participate state development by doing quality constructions and other maintenances.
Gravel, CC & Black Top Roads
All types of Bridges
C.C Drains
Water Tanks
Water Dams
Weed Removal
We also in Industrial sector development
Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd offers construction service with mechanical engineering support to construct small to large scale industries in India.
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