Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd is a quality oriented construction company, offer its services to people and also to public and private sector organizations in various states of India since 2000. Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd has the power of executing any type of construction project of range small to bigger anywhere in India. Over 16 Years, it shows its excellence and speciality in construction field with quality constructions prestigiously.

Bhagavan. Tirumani
Bhagavan. Tirumani
Managing Director

Bhagavan. Tirumani is a young dynamic civil engineer who become a successful contractor in India in 2 years by perfectly using every opportunity with his godly gifted talent and hard work. He established Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd in 2008 to offer employment to unemployed skilled people and also to quality construction and maintenance services to individuals and to both public and private sectors.

In 2000, he planned to become a civil contractor and also strongly desired to establish his own construction company. He shared his thoughts and plans about his career with his family members and friends but they discouraged him due to lack of financial support and experience and underestimating his talent. Later, he quickly realized the reality and decided to obtain everything to make his dreams come true by starting career somewhere in construction field.

Finally, he started career as a site engineer in 2000, faced lot of problems, understood the system of execution of projects and methods of handling work by maintaining good relation with both workers, technicians, material suppliers and project provider. After 2 years, he tested his fate by working as a sub-contractor for a state Govt. project and he proved himself in it. The taste of his first victor made him victorious in every project later and he never turned back after that. He successfully completed several projects individually till 2008 and decided to establish his own company.

Thus, the long awaiting dream of a young civil engineer transformed today as Saranya Sri Constructions Pvt. Ltd. It was also incorporated in 2008.


Playing a vital role in future India’s development with stronger, innovative and quality constructions.


Developing stronger India by offering employment to skilled, experienced and talented un-employees, and moulding new talent to gift them to the future India for making India proud and prosperous.

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